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What Business Were You Born to build?

By Sonda Eunus, CEO of Leading Marketing Solutions

What is your life calling? What lights your soul on fire? What do you want to be remembered by when you are no longer here?

When you commit your life to a specific purpose, you must be very selective in what you say yes to. We all have a limited amount of hours in a week, and you should weigh every decision you make against whether or not you taking that action or pursuing that project will help bring you closer to achieving your life purpose and building the life that you desire.

When building a business around your life purpose, you will already be at a tremendous advantage over someone who is only building a business to make money. When your why is strong enough, you will make magic happen out of thin air just to keep going one more day. Conversely, someone who is building a business just for money will get discouraged when they face struggles or obstacles and will simply move on to the next thing that they think will be easier.

How do you find your life calling? Or how do you know that you are on the right path? Start doing some thinking. First, think back to your childhood. What activities do you remember enjoying the most? What were you doing when you were at your happiest? Do you remember any recurring trends? Passions or interests that you had, that you never acted upon while building a “responsible” life?

What about now – what do you enjoy doing the most? If you are working in a team environment, what roles are you naturally assigned or interested in? If you haven’t yet, take a Personality Test. You can access such tests at or Those results can be eye-opening and frighteningly accurate. If your 5 closest friends were to describe you in 3 sentences, would there be common themes or attributes that they would all mention? If you could spend most of your time on improving and sharing this skill, how could you change the world?

When building a business, use this purpose as fuel to help you create the perfect services or products to provide. When you are providing solutions that you genuinely believe in, you will never have to sell – you will simply feel obligated to share this solution with those that could truly benefit from it because if you didn’t share it, you would be holding them back from something that could really help them.

Finally, when working towards your life purpose, you will enjoy the process just as much as the achieved fulfillment and success. You will wake up each day invigorated to learn more, improve your skills, and benefit more people. There will be bad days, but you will be driven to take just one more step each day, knowing that if you gave up you would be giving up on what you were born to do in this life.

What is your life purpose? Are you ready to pursue it, passionately and unapologetically? There is no time to waste.

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